3rd Program of International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researchers 2017

10 maart 2017 door Ocean Energy

From the 27th of February until the 3rd of March the annual International Platform on Ocean Energy for Young Researchers was held in Japan hosted by the Institute on Ocean Energy Saga (IOES) which is part of Saga University. Students from all over the world are invited to share knowledge on Ocean Energy.

This year 25 students from 14 nations, ranging from Chili in South America to Palau, a small island in the Pacific, were invited to attend. Everyone was asked to present their research related to Ocean Energy, this ranged from Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) to offshore wind and even marine biology. Liona Kuikhoven and Robin Goudriaan were invited to present on OTEC on behalf of Bluerise and the TU Delft.

IOES facilities in Imari (left) and the 30 kW OTEC research plant (right)

After a 20 hour journey they arrived at the IOES facilities in Imari, a small town in Saga on the Southern Island of Japan (Kyushu). They received a very warm welcome from all the professors and were introduced to all the other researchers. After the introduction a tour was given through IOES's impressive research facilities as shown on the right.

To end the first day a welcome party was organized with some great Japanese food and Chilean wine, which according to prof. Ikegami is the number one wine in Japan, much to the delight of the Chilean researcher.

The next couple of days was dedicated to lectures and presentations. Special guest lectures were given by the professors on the development of Ocean Energy in Japan and all of the researchers presented their work on Ocean Energy. It was great to see all the research that is being done on ocean energy and share experiences about doing research.

After the presentations, it was time for a workshop on what the barriers are for Ocean Energy and how to overcome them. Everybody was in agreement that the key is to work together and to share knowledge as much as we can to accelerate the research. Another essential point was financing, ocean energy needs more involvement from the industrial sector to scale technologies faster, such that it can profit from the economy of scale.

The program was a unique opportunity to meet and to share knowledge with such a diverse group of Young Researchers. With the group being relatively small everyone really got to know one another.  The program also allowed the time to explore Nagasaki and learn about the history of Japan and to taste all of the amazing food, which made the program even more enjoyable. All the researchers aim to keep in touch with one another and to bring our universities closer such that we can accelerate the development of Ocean Energy!

All of the young researchers and the professors from Saga University.

Liona Kuikhoven and Robin Goudriaan received the best presenter award.



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