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Next Lunch Lecture Matthijs Soede

European Commission DG Research and Innovation

Monday 24 March | 12:45 - 12:45 
Location: TU Delft; 3ME; Hall D

The Ocean Energy platform and Delft Energy Initiative would like to invite you to the lunch lecture of Ocean Energy The  lectures have the format of a short lecture with lots of room for discussion. For more information about Ocean Energy and the upcoming lectures please check the website

• The lunch lectures are free of charge but registration is obligatory.

Title:"Ocean Energy - EU Policy perspectives"


The high level targets for the ocean energy sector are to bring ocean bring ocean energy to commercial deployment, to drive down the levelised cost of energy (LCoE), to maintain and grow Europe’s leading position in ocean energy and to strengthen the European industrial technology base, thereby creating economic growth and jobs in Europe and allowing Europe to compete on a global stage. But to reach these high level targets still many steps in Research and technology development are needed. In this lunch time lecture attention will be given to the European Commission's activities (Energy Union, SETplan, Horizon 2020 EU projects, Ocean energy Forum) related to Ocean Energy, and its perspective on the challenges ahead and need for research and development in order to accelerate its implementation.

He has a PhD-degree in Chemical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. After his PhD he started as advisor at Senter, which was an agency from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands.  Aim was advise companies, research organisations and universities on the European programmes for research and development. He participated in several EU projects as partner or as coordinator. Aim of these projects was in general to stimulate international cooperation in Europe and to stimulate the participation of especially SMEs in the Framework Programme. He was nominated as expert to the FP7 Programme Committees of NMP, Transport and Space. In 2008 he was seconded from the Ministry of Economic Affairs as national expert to DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. He joined there the Industrial Technologies directorate and supported the set-up of several Public Private Partnerships.
In 2012 he joined the European Commission as Research Programme Officer for Wind and Ocean energy in the Energy directorate of DG Research and Innovation.

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