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Kim Nielsen at Ramboll Offshore Wind

"Wave energy research and development, in a 40 years perspective"

Monday 22 May | 12:45 - 13:45 
Location: TU Delft; 3ME; Hall D

The Ocean Energy platform and Delft Energy Initiative would like to invite you to the lunch lecture of Ocean Energy The  lectures have the format of a short lecture with lots of room for discussion. For more information about Ocean Energy and the upcoming lectures please check the website

• The lunch lectures are free of charge but registration is obligatory.

The energy crises in 1973 when cars were not allowed to drive on Sundays in Denmark made a strong impression on me and new ways to generate power independent of oil was in the back of my head during my years of studies at the Technical University of Denmark.
One day in 1977 we had a lecture on water turbines in a course on hydraulics. We were taught that water turbines could produce power proportional to the flow times the height of the waterfall – quite simple and easy to visualize - what a pity Denmark is flat and without any water falls I thought. During the night I woke up with a vision of a water head equal to the water depth over the seabed – could the water pressure at the seabed be used to drive a turbine?  The ocean waves on the sea surface appeared in my mind – could the surface waves activate pumps and create a flow through the turbine?

I made a few drawings of wave pumps and some simple calculations on how much power could be generated. I studied at the department of ocean engineering and I had planned to design a sailing boat. However my teacher was not that impressed – don’t you have some other topic you could work on? – Well - I had to confess, I had an idea on how to generate power from waves. There you see he said - not everybody has such an idea, so why don’t you start working on that idea - I did.

This lecture will outline the developments in Wave Energy in this 40 year perspective.

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