Anne-Marije Zwerver

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Ir. Anne-Marije Zwerver

Bluerise BV/TU Delft

Monday 27 March | 12:45 - 12:45 
Location: TU Delft; 3ME; Hall D

The Ocean Energy platform and Delft Energy Initiative would like to invite you to the lunch lecture of Ocean Energy The  lectures have the format of a short lecture with lots of room for discussion. For more information about Ocean Energy and the upcoming lectures please check the website

• The lunch lectures are free of charge but registration is obligatory.

Title: "Transition to 100% renewable energy on islands in the tropics"

Tropical islands have great access to traditional renewable energy sources, like wind and solar energy, and a high sense of urgency to make a transition. Therefore they can become the global frontrunners in the transition to 100% renewable energy. So what are we waiting for?
Unfortunately islands often don't have the luxury of an interconnection to a large grid and the lack of effective storage solutions limits the penetration of intermittent wind and solar energy. Also, space requirements of these renewable energy technologies make a widespread deployment on many islands unfeasible. So, is it possible to reach 100% renewable energy on islands?
In this lunch lecture Msc. Anne-Marije Zwerver will take you along in the transition to 100% renewable energy. She will explain the potential of integrating ocean energy in the energy mix of tropical islands and demonstrate it with a case study.


Anne-Marije Zwerver studied both 'Applied Physics' and 'System Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management' (SEPAM) at the Delft University of Technology. She has a profound interest in sustainable energy, which reflected in both the bachelor theses she conducted. For her bachelor SEPAM she focused on back up systems for fluctuations in the energy supply of wind turbines, while for Applied Physics she contributed to a study in magnetic cooling systems. Afterwards, she did a master in Applied Physics, during which she learned about Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems and continued working on OTEC within Bluerise BV after her master thesis. 

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